• “At a simple level, I think detoxification is
    absolutely crucial to survive the modern world”
    – Dr Elen ApThomas
    Dr Elen
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How to Become More Successful

How to Become More Successful We all want to be more successful. So what does being successful mean? Success can have many different definitions depending on your perspective and culture. How to Become More Successful…. Many people in a western capitalistic … Read More

Do We Really Need To Detox?

Do We Really Need To Detox? All ancient cultures fast for at least 1 week each year on simply water, or liquids. With my medical training this started me thinking about whether we as more modern cultures could learn a … Read More

Slim Down For Spring Racing

Slim Down For Spring Racing The weather is warming up and the body will soon be on show again at the spring races and maybe the beach. If you’re like most of us and like to indulge in winter comfort … Read More

Breaking The Sugar Addiction

Breaking The Sugar Addiction There has been much in the press recently about the negative effects of sugar. Is sugar really that much of a problem? Yes it is! Research is now showing us that sugar and fructose are a … Read More

Boosting Your Family’s Immunity

Boosting Your Family’s Immunity As our long humid summer comes to an abrupt end many of us start to think about flu season. The good news is that there are many natural ways of boosting our immune system and helping … Read More

Nurturing Luxury To Your Cells

Nurturing Luxury To Your Cells What do we think of when we think of luxury? Pampering, rejuvenation, relaxation? This is exactly what our cells need to experience every day to function the most efficiently. Nurturing Luxury To Your Cells. In order … Read More

Gut Feelings in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Gut feelings in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Now that science has proven how important our gut brain connection is, let’s talk about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This common condition affects 1 in 5 Australians and can cause very distressing symptoms such … Read More

How to Have Radiant Skin this Mother’s Day

How to Have Radiant Skin this Mother’s Day Now we all know that beauty is on the inside but who doesn’t want gorgeous blemish free skin? Our skin is the largest organ of our body and helps protect us from … Read More

Time To Reflect

Time to reflect and create the life you want The xmas holidays at the end of each year can be a good time to review your past year and give some energy to making changes and create new habits to … Read More

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